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About us

We at Loacdex have come to lower your effort in coming across reliable businesses near you. The time has come to bid goodbye to those tough days when you had no other alternate to take a chance by selecting businesses randomly. The ones listed on the free online directory or business listing site of ours will help you manifold in this regard.

Loacdex is a great way for both people as well as businesses to get connected so that their tasks can be easily accomplished. We are a platform that will provide decent news on every type of business regardless of the size. Creating the best customer experience for all is our priority. 

How Can We Help Businesses?

With paperwork becoming extinct, it is no more surprise that people nowadays are solely relying on digital platforms. As a result, business owners are on their ways to carry out with their research work to survive in the ongoing competition. If you are searching for a reliable platform where you will be able to update your visitors about your business, then you are at the right place. 

free business listing site including ours is somewhat similar to a phonebook, where we have categorized business based on market and location. People belonging to that particular area will be able to come across your business name easily. As a result, you will get a chance to attract more number of traffic towards you.

Does The Number of Backlinks Affect Overall SEO of the Business Page?

This is a common question that hovers in the minds of almost all. Yes, the number of backlinks will affect the SEO rank of your business page at the fullest. The number of backlinks is directly proportional to the chances of grabbing a high rank on the business page. 

We Loacdex being a local business directory request all business owners to provide genuine and relevant information. It will benefit both, you as well as us. Also, it is advisable to keep on updating the details so that you do not lag behind. We ensure that all your details will be in safe hands. No third party will be able to access them at any cost. 

We are open for Businesses Belonging to Variable Sizes

Are you a start-up? Great! Why do not list the name of your business with us? Why are you hesitant? Our online business directory or business listing site is open to all types of businesses. We provide the same space to all. We have come here to shake our hands with you so that you may easily enhance the visibility of your brand without drilling a big hole in your pocket. So, we do not charge a single penny for listing business names in our business directory. Hence, you may expect your business to get a good rank in the search engine result page. We will provide you with extra lucrative services that can also be availed without paying a single buck.

How are we Helpful to Customers?

Business without a customer will hardly be able to exist. It is a universal truth. Taking this concept into account, we have categorized businesses based on various categories like:

  • Reputation
  • Location
  • Success rates and many more.

Once you login to the free business directory listings of ours, you will come across the best pieces of information. Based on the study, it will become easy to halt to the best decision. In case of any doubt, feel free to contact us anytime. We will be glad to assist you.

There is no need to depend on others for coming across the latest information as the best tool is within your clenched fist.