What is a Business listing? 

A business listing is an online portfolio that containing some important information about your business which is known as NAP (Name, address, phone number).

The goal of the Local Business directory listing site is to provide your business more accurate and searchable in search engines like google, bing, and yahoo. Businesses who have information and images listed often have better search engine optimization (SEO) and they are seen as an authoritative business on the search engines. By here you will know How to do Business listing at Locadex?

How Business Listings Impact the Marketing?

Business listing at Locadex is the best way to increase your business reach on a digital platform and make it easier for the clients to reach your business. By having the correct business information in those listings. Not enough, you can boot your business’s Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

Every business has there business categories, but having some data you need to make sure include are:

  • Business name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • E-mail
  • Photos
  • Categories
  • Website (If have)

Most of the website that provides this features at free of cost to your website. 

Locadex is one of the best leading free business directory listings sites that provides you a free business listing with premium features.

How to do Registration at Locadex?

Here is the procedure to get your business listed on one of the best free business directory sites, Locadex. 

  • At first, go to the website of Locadex.info by click on the link here.
  • you need to “register” your profile,
  • Click on the register option which is given on the top right side of the website.

Locadex Registration

  • Now, you got a pop-up form on your display, here you need to fill up the form with the first name, last name, user id, E-mail, phone number, and password.

Free Business directory registration

  • After that, click on the captcha for verification, therefore, click on register.
  • Therefore, you get a mail from Locadex, click on the link which is given in the mail to be verified.

Free Business directory registration

  • Go to your mail inbox and click on the link to get verified.
  • Now, your account has been successfully created.

How to Login Locadex?

  • Click on the login button which is given top right side of the website. 

Locadex Registration


  • After that, Type your user id or e-mail and password to get the login.  
  • Solve the captcha and click on the login button.
  • Now, you are successfully logged in.

How to List Business at Locadex?

  • After successfully login into the site click on the “Add Business” Button which is given in the Navigation menu bar. 
  • Fill up all business information with the title, description, tags. Categories, Nap, website, and all.

Business listing at locadex

  • After fill up all the information solve the captcha and submit your listing. 
  • Now your business has been successfully submitted. 
  • Now you can share your business listing link on all social media, and send your customers as well to get customer reviews.

In The End

I hope this blog will be very useful for you and you can easily list your business at Locadex, if you have any questions or queries regarding this blog or Locadex then feel free to contact us.