These days we need to think a hundred times before we go out. But it’s hart to be isolated from families & friends especially while having a meal.  At this time even if we go out we should check a few things before going out.

Here is the list of 5 things we should check before going out to eat.

1.  Who is going

1st thing you need to consider is who is going? If anyone is over age 65 or at risk of illness Then it’ll be riskier for them to get infected from COVID-19. Do you and those people you are going with follow the same steps to prevent infection

2. Check the place where you are going 

 Make sure the place you are going out for a meal is maintaining all the safety precautions. The place and the kitchen are totally sanitized. 

3. Don’t go to the restaurant’s peak times

Avoid going when the place it’s likely to be crowded. Some restaurants are taking reservations to control the crowd. You can reserve your seats. You can go a bit earlier or a bit letter to avoid the crowd.

4. Wash your hands and maintain distance

Wash your hands before eating. You can also use sanitizer contains at least 60% alcohol. Maintain at least 6 feet distance from others.

5. Mask on servers

Check if the service providers are wearing masks. You should also wear a mask as much as you can.

Along with that, avoid sharing items as much as you can. The level of COVID-19 spread in your community is a very important thing to consider. How you are going is also important, avoid crowded transportations. We will suggest you not to go out much. Stay home as much as possible until the situation gets better.

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