Frequently Asked Questions​

Why be listed on locadex?
  • Being listed on the Locadex platform is an asset to your business.
  • Fastest growing online directory, Locadex allows you to gain visibility to the entire population.This visibility will take you to multiply the number of contacts and potential customers for your business. More than a simple directory, our community recommend to those around them and to all users of our platform.
  • Also, your business information is constantly updated and verified by our team.
How is my company the information found on Locadex?
  • In order to offer updated information, we publish on our site the data from sources such as third-party data providers.
  • These include the basic information on businesses, official public documents accessible to all and for all.All information provided is verified by our team.
How to update the information about my company on Locadex?
  • To edit your business information, simply visit the locadex site and log into your account.
  • Here you can change yourself your information.Remember to back up your data for each change.Your changes will then be checked by our operators and published within 48 hours.
What should I do if someone writes an opinion about my company that is not true?
  • If you do not agree with the words of a user, you can always challenge the comment.
  • We will make every effort to clarify the misunderstanding about your business.You can also choose to contact the user, or by responding to his comment, either privately to speak with him.
  • Please note that we do not remove the comments from our users if they comply with our Terms of use.
Should I ask my clients to write reviews on my Locadex listing?
  • Our community is based on sharing experiences and sincere testimony.We encourage you to offer your customers to visit the LOCADEX.INFO platform to share their experience.
  • Your business gets more comments, the more your ranking will be valued.A positive comment about your business a lot more valuable to your potential clients that advertising discourse on traditional media.
Locadex will remove bad reviews if a business pays to become an advertiser?
  • The only case in which we carry out the removal of a notice is when it is contrary to our charter (notice defamatory, insulting to the company or its employees) or false.
  • In no case we delete a comment in exchange for compensation of any kind.Deleting a comment must always be justified.
Can I change package in listing plan of the year?
  • Yes, it is quite possible if you want to add functionality to your ACCOUNT.
  • To change listing plan during the year you simply contact our customer relations department, [email protected] or by phone at +1 9088054929.
How to advertise on Locadex?
  • If you want to make advertising on our site, you can contact our Customer Relations department will guide you through the procedures.
  • We offer more tailored innovative solutions according to your needs and budget available.
  • Discover our advertising solutions!
Which media will seem my SEO?
  • Your company is registered on our website locadex and on our mobile app.And thanks to our experts in SEO, your SEO Locadex will find itself placed on Google.
What can I do on locadex with an owner?
  • An owner on our site allows you to learn the details of your company, your core business, your hours, your payment options and your web page.
  • It also allows you to leverage the social platform and thus collect the opinions of our many litterateurs. Yous are also on the card that allows customers to be informed about your location and calculate the route to your point of sale.
  • If you want to further increase your visibility on our directory, choose a valued SEO and publish your logo, your company description, photos … You can also enjoy an enhanced presence and a broad range of solutions.
  • On average, professionals have opted for a valued locadex on SEO have 8 times more made contact!
How to appear on a local or additional activity?
  • We provide you with advertising solutions to expand the catchment area.
  • With these solutions you can appear on different locations, or increase the number of your profession related activities.For this you can contact our Customer Relations who will guide you to the formula that best suits your needs.
How to respond to a negative opinion ?
  • When your company is listed on a customer review platform, the feedback you receive can be positive or negative opinion négatifs.Recevoir is quite normal, no company is exempt from criticism.
  • However, remove a negative review is not the best solution.
  • These opinions, used wisely, can be very effective in improving your reputation and become real business opportunities. We bring you some tips to better understand the negative opinions.
Identify the problem highlighted by your customer
  • Before sending a response to the caller, take the time to think about what you will say to identify the source of the problem.
  • Answer him on a professional tone, even if the customer was rude with you. A negative opinion can be of value if you react properly to it.
Respond quickly
  • Best to respond quickly to a negative opinion to show your customers that you are listening to them.
  • You show and you offer customer service even in case of dispute. In addition, you avoid the situation worsens.
Find a concrete solution
  • Discuss with the customer of the problem to understand why it was not satisfied with your performance.
  • If the problem is due to an error on your part, apologize to the customer and offer him a compensation solution. If not, explain the facts objectively to demonstrate your point of view while remaining respectful.

This way you defuse the problem.

Personalize customer relationships
  • You can also give a more personal dimension to your customer relations policy by continuing the conversation in private.
  • You can contact the customer by mail or phone to show your involvement and listening.
  • The customer will be assured of being in contact with a person who takes his heart problem
Once the issue is resolved, do not break contact with the customer
  • An unhappy customer whose problem has been resolved may later become an ambassador for your company.
  • If your client is again satisfied with your services, offer him to reconsider his comment.
  • This may give a positive impression to the people who will see these comments and your responsiveness to problems.
The case of abusive notice

If you face defamatory or abusive, contrary to site charter, then it is useless to respond.

You can simply request the removal of the comment